Government Spending Bill Includes $4 Billion for Opioid Crisis

The spending bill agreed to by Congress to avert a government shutdown includes about $4 billion to address the opioid crisis. Among its provisions are the following:

·      A new Rural Communities Opioids Response program will get $130 million for treatment and prevention, which includes workforce development.

·      The National Institutes of Health will get $500 million to research opioid addiction and alternative, non-opioid pain management.

·      The second year of funding for Opioid State Target Response grants will be doubled from $500 million to $1 billion. Of this, 15 percent will be set aside for states with the highest opioid mortality rate, and $50 million will go to Native American tribes or organizations.

·      The Food and Drug Administration will get $94 million to crack down on international shipments of synthetic opioids.

·      The Centers for Disease Control and prevention will get $476 million for overdose surveillance and prevention.

Source: The National Council for Behavioral Health. Click here for more information.