Thanks to Opioid Crisis, Acupuncture Gets More Respect

Acupuncture is often derided as based on pseudo-science, but the opioid crisis is prompting many people to reconsider it as a pain reliever, and it is now being covered by some insurers and Medicaid programs as well as VA facilities.

Acupuncture is used annually by 1 in 67 Americans, up from 1 in 91 Americans a decade ago. While it might offer little more than a placebo effect, many people say anything that reduces reliance on opioids is worth considering.

Medicaid programs in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Rhode Island pay for acupuncture as a pain treatment, and Massachusetts and Oregon cover it for substance abuse. Ohio’s program recently expanded its coverage in response to the opioid crisis. VA facilities offer it and charge only a co-pay.

Source: ABC News. Click here for more information.