Better Alcohol Labels Could Increase Awareness Up to 58%

Alcohol labels that explain how much of a beverage constitutes a “standard drink” – as opposed to simply listing the percentage of alcohol by volume – could improve consumers’ estimates of alcohol consumption and awareness of safe drinking limits by 12.6 to 58.9 percent across beverage types, a new study shows.

The Canadian study asked consumers to compare current percentage-by-volume labels to labels that explain how much of a beverage amounts to a “standard drink,” as well as the number of standard drinks recommended in Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines. The results showed that consumers were much better able to understand and monitor their drinking levels with the new labels.

About two-thirds of the participants said they supported the more-informative labels, suggesting that different labeling requirements would be accepted by the public.

Click here for the study. Click here for an explanation of what constitutes a “standard drink.” Click here for more information on Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines.