Crystal Meth Making a Big Comeback

Crystal meth receded as a public health problem after Congress cracked down on pseudoephedrine sales in 2005 and opioids took center stage. But the drug is once again flooding the streets, and in many areas the problem is now much worse than heroin.

Drug cartels have replaced pseudoephedrine with an ingredient called P2P, which has allowed them to manufacture meth in large quantities and reduce the price. Much street meth is now almost entirely pure and available for about $5 per hit.

In Oregon, nearly twice as many people died from meth in 2016 as died from heroin. In Oklahoma, meth is by far the leading cause of drug deaths. In Montana, meth violations tripled between 2010 and 2015. The South Dakota attorney general has declared meth to be an epidemic.

Source: The New York Times. Click here for the full story.