Smartphone App Could Prevent Overdose Deaths

Some heroin addicts are using a smartphone app that will automatically alert friends or EMTs if they experience an overdose.

Called “Remote Egg Timer,” the app allows the user to set a timer before shooting up. If the user hasn’t pressed a button on the phone before the time runs out – presumably because he or she is unconscious – the app will send a text message to someone designated by the user (a friend, a relative, or possibly 911).

The text message is customizable, but the default message reads: “This is an automated request for help. Unresponsive after using. Would you mind checking up on me?”

The app developer’s plans include triggering the text message if the phone simply doesn’t move for a certain period of time (eliminating the need to push a button), and using GPS to send the user’s location.

The name is apparently intended to disguise the user’s drug problem should someone else look at the phone.

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