U.S. now has 40 recovery high schools

There are now 40 high schools in the U.S. designed specifically for students who are in addiction recovery, according to the Association of Recovery Schools, a trade group supporting this type of education. 

Recovery schools award a diploma similar to other high schools, but they have special programs to support recovery from addiction and co-occurring disorders. The staff includes traditional teachers as well as substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals.

The schools also typically provide support to families in dealing with addiction and supporting recovery.

According to the Association, there are currently eight recovery high schools in California, eight in Texas, six in Minnesota, five in Massachusetts, two in New Jersey, two in Washington state, and one each in Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

More specifics are available at the Association’s website, www.recoveryschools.org.